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Training staff to keep their cool,
be confident and positively resolve conflict

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Skills and confidence for staff to know what to
say and do to reduce customer conflict

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Practical strategies for staff to Stay Composed
and Resolve Customer Conflict

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    “I would recommend this conflict management training course to others, engaged my attention and maintained it all day. Trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject.”
    Elaine Archer – Learning and Development Manager – The AA

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    • conflict management superhero

      How to handle illogical arguments

      Many members of staff can feel they have not done their job properly until information, or decisions conveyed, have been accepted by their customers.    When a customer refuses to accept a decision the staf...

    • Easy ways to improve the way you listen

      Easy ways to improve the way you listen

      “Most of us consider ourselves to be good listeners and are therefore not motivated to learn to do what we already know.  We don’t recognise our own failure to listen well. We are, however, usually very ...

    • conflict management superhero

      Are your expectations causing conflict?

      Picture the scene. There was an accident on the motorway and a passenger was delayed reaching the airport. After scrambling through the airport and security screening they manage to get to the departure gate....

    • Perfect_Solution

      What to do when you can’t offer a perfect solution

      Whisper it! In the complex world we live in there is often no perfect solution. Some roles just don’t allow you to give out free vouchers or money off. For example, when the customer is not entitled to the ...

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