Conflict Resolution Training – NHS Approved

Conflict Resolution Training – NHS Approved


Our conflict resolution training course is nationally accredited and extremely beneficial to NHS and all health care staff. The course is highly participative and we simulate real working events where conflict is prevalent. Our professional facilitators provide unique training that builds the confidence and skills of staff to handle conflict and aggressive situations.

Fixed price for up to 15 delegates anywhere in the UK. No additional costs. Click here to enquire about training.

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to recognise different aspects of conflict that NHS staff may encounter and to understand and be able to use alternative methods for resolving the conflict. The course is applicable to dealing with conflict with service users face-to-face and on the telephone.

Course Benefits

This NHS Conflict Resolution Training Course is designed to help your colleagues to:

  • Recognise common causes of conflict
  • Use different styles of communication in order to resolve the conflict
  • Recognise different warning and danger signs
  • Conduct real-time personal safety risk assessments
  • Use a four step model for de-escalating the conflict


Course Content

Conflict Management TrainingThis NHS Conflict Resolution Training course is designed around the issues your colleagues have to deal with in their role. We develop scenarios and case studies from the needs analysis we conduct prior to the training. Key content includes the following:

Background To Conflict And Communication

  • Defining conflict, assertiveness and aggression
  • Factors that cause communication to break down
  • Recognising how and why conflict escalates

Recognising Rising Anger Levels

  • Reading signs and symptoms of anger and aggression
  • Understanding how to conduct a real-time personal safety risk assessment

Responding To Conflict

  • Understanding our natural response to conflict
  • Understanding the impact of ‘red rag’ words and phrases
  • Staying calm and managing our own responses

De-Escalating Conflict Models

  • Understanding the different communication styles that impact on conflict
  • The 4 step conflict resolution process (face-to-face and on the telephone)

When Communication Does Not Work

  • Using space and positioning to stay safe
  • Managing unpredictable behaviour (drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc.)
  • Understanding the law of reasonable force
  • Dealing with abusive behaviour
  • Reporting incidents of aggressive behaviour

Approved Quality Centre

The Institute of Conflict Management

  • • The Conflict Training Company is an Approved Quality Centre accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM), and operates to the ICM’s Code of Practice. The ICM is dedicated to ‘setting standards in the prevention and management of aggression and conflict’.


  • Our courses are highly participative workshops delivered by enthusiastic people who are passionate about developing peoples’ skills to manage conflict. Course participants have an opportunity to explore how they personally respond to conflict and to practice skills during individual and group exercises. We believe that fun is an important part of the training and strive to provide a highly safe and motivational learning experience.
  • With over 40,000 delegates trained throughout the UK and Ireland to date we believe our courses are designed and structured to deliver the learning and development results you need.

If you would like more information about our NHS Conflict Resolution course or would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your needs, please contact us by calling 0800 3029262 or using the enquiry form on the contact page.

Professional and personal development for real situations, delivered with real personality, by a real specialist.

Fixed price for up to 15 delegates anywhere in the UK. No additional costs. Click here to enquire about training.

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