Managing Challenging Meetings & Public Forums

Managing Challenging Meetings and Public Forums Training

Learn How To Use Simple And Practical Strategies To Manage Challenging Meeting And Public Forum Events

Managing Challenging Meetings and Public Forums Training Duration

Fixed price for up to 15 delegates anywhere in the UK. No additional costs. Click here to enquire about training.
This Managing Challenging Meeting course is usually run over a full day. If you require a different delivery arrangement we will do all we can to meet the needs of your group.

Recommended for

All managers and staff who run challenging meetings internally or externally or have to participate in managing public forum events that can get heated.

Managing Challenging Meetings Training – Course Overview

The course raises participants’ understanding of the dynamics of challenging meetings and public events and to enhance and practice their confidence and skills to manage these important situations effectively.

Conflict Management Training Course Benefits

By the end of this Managing Challenging Meetings Training course participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the key components present in all challenging confrontations
  • Understand the dynamic of challenging meetings and forums
  • Learn how to take the heat out of challenging situations and encounters
  • Learn how to stay composed and respectful in challenging situations
  • Learn how to manage challenging personalities and keep the meeting on track


Managing Challenging Meeting Training Content

Conflict Management TrainingThe Managing Challenging Meeting course content is tailored to your organisation.

Key content includes

Planning An Effective Meeting

  • Preparing clear guidelines and a structure for the meeting
  • Deciding on the purpose and drawing up an agenda
  • Planning and setting out the venue

Setting The Groundrules For An Effective Meeting

  • Setting behaviour boundaries and acknowledging anticipated difficulties

Managing Our Own Responses

  • Maintaining composure when challenged
  • Managing insults and direct challenges
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviour
  • Managing our voice and body language to calm the situation

Understanding Group And Meeting Dynamics

  • Understanding what challenging people want from meetings
  • Understanding the different roles participants play
  • Understanding how hostile people often respond to the ‘facts’
  • Defusing challenging individuals and groups

Managing The Meetings Or Public Forums

  • Ensuring effective participation
  • Understanding and managing difficult personalities and groups
  • Managing those who wish to dominate
  • Managing persistently difficult or unacceptable behaviour
  • Maintaining control and respect for views and opinions
  • Ensuring individuals and groups feel listened to and understood

Concluding Challenging Meetings And Forum

  • Skills to conclude meetings that risk running on
  • Ensuring that everyone has a clear overview of what took place or what action is required

If you would like more information about our Managing Challenging Meetings course or would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your needs, please contact us by calling 0800 3029262 or using the enquiry form on the contact page.

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Fixed price for up to 15 delegates anywhere in the UK. No additional costs. Click here to enquire about training.

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