Conflict Training for the Leisure and Retail Sector

Looking for a Conflict Management Training course but not sure which one?

Does this sound familiar?

Your staff are frequently faced with:

  • Demanding customers
  • Intoxicated customers who may be difficult to reason with
  • Having to say no in difficult situations

Fixed price for up to 15 delegates anywhere in the UK. No additional costs. Click here to enquire about training.

Which course is right for your organisation?

If you want your staff to be better able to:

  • Say no whilst encouraging customers to be calm and reasonable
  • Avoid escalating conflict and difficult situations through their own actions
  • Keep calm when faced with anger and frustration
  • Understand more about their usual reaction to conflict
  • Be able to address abuse with more confidence
  • Deal with conflict situation effectively and quickly
  • Ensure staff preserve and forge a good relationship with customers

Then our one day Conflict Management Training course is for you. The course uses situations provided by your staff to ensure that it is relevant and keeps staff engaged. It is delivered using a range of different methods including videos of situations, discussions and through practising the skills.

If your staff work with customers purely over the telephone rather than face to face, then our Dealing with Difficult Telephone Calls course is likely to be more suitable.

Who should attend?

These courses are suitable for staff who work at:

  • In the Box Office
  • At Reception
  • Front of house
  • Back of house
  • At Night

Our approach to training is simple

We have specialised in delivering Conflict Management Training since 2003.  Using tried and tested techniques, we deliver in an engaging way while meeting the needs of people with different learning styles.  We regularly review the content of our sessions to ensure it remains best practice. Our focus is on building and reinforcing your staff’s existing skills in a supportive way.  They are then in a position to manage conflict in an most effective and confident manner possible.

Still not sure which course you need?

Please get in touch and we can make sure we help you chose the right course.

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